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Friday, March 25th, 2005
9:31 am
the big guy comes through
i went fishing last night, despite the fact that i had no one to go with. i had been sitting around for a large chunk of the day reading fishing sites and trying to soak up everything i could. my new favorite site is bassresource.com. anyway. i bought anchovies and a pack of smokes.
the first place i tried was way down in the surf, except there was no surf. it was about eight o clock and the ocean was almost glass. there were barely any waves to speak of and certainly no foam. i dropped the jig down to the bottom and caught a fish i had never even seen before by the tail on a lucky upswing. i stuck it on the end of the big guy with a 2/0 hook but let me just say now that the baitfish i was catching weren't doing half the job that those greasy little bastard anchovies were.
nothing was happening after the lucky grab, so i picked up and moved all the way down the pier to the little alcove that we like. there were two guys to the left of me about fifty feet away and at the very end was three or four guys, one of which had a mohawk. i sat for about an hour or so and watched nothing happen (i think i was still using that baitfish). all the guys to either side were pulling up fish, but not just fish, sharks. i was very sad. i had just taken apart the poles that afternoon and given them a thorough cleaning and i felt like my love wasn't being returned.
i pulled up that stupid fish and took him off, replaced him with an anchovy and sat back down. then out on the water, i heard a little splashing noise and stood up to look. swimming out about sixty feet from the pier was a line of dolphins about a quarter mile long, just swimming in a little line past us. i figured this had to be good luck... then i saw the shooting star.
what happened after that was the best night of fishing i have ever had. the first one i caught was the big one, then shark after shark and fish after fish were on my line. both of them. i caught sharks on the jig which ended up breaking one hook, tearing one clean off and generally fucking up the rest. it didn't stop them for biting though. i caught seven sharks. SEVEN. and when i wasn't catching sharks, i could put my line in the water and pull up something else equally interesting. two thornbacks (those ones that look like little circular sting rays) including the biggest one i had ever seen, which had to be a foot and a half across through the wide part. i caught a little sculpin, yet another fish i had never seen before and the two most amazing things ever. i have been a firm believer in the thought that venturas halibut had been long fished out. but i caught the two smallest halibut you've ever seen. both were only four inches or so from nose to tail. and both went back to make ventura's fishing better.
i only kept two last night and if you know me, i never keep any. even when i want to, i don't. even when they're bleeding pretty bad, i put them back in the hopes that they'll live or at least feed someone else like those halibut. i had to keep these two though. they're the first big guy on the right and on the left is the one where i said "ok, just one more and i'll go home". truth be told, the original one more broke the jig before i could even break the surface and this guy happened to be on the end of the big guy when i pulled him up, not fighting or anything, just waiting to be caught.

i also met four homie stoners, two junkies, one asian guy who was (i fucking shit you not) fishing with sushi because he couldn't find a bait shop, a woman with a horrible issue that caused her to make loud raspy gurgling noises when she breathed in and a whole flock of kids who thought i was the shit. they said "you're a really good fisherman".
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
5:31 pm
5:23 pm
lake casitas
my girlfriend and i are camping at casitas this weekend. i'm going to go for channel cats with some of that fucked up stink bait they sell. i don't really know if i can fish two poles at once, but i like the idea of having the big guy there for the cats and then using the little guy for the lighter stuff.
i got paid, so things are lookin rosey. any comments... jamie?
2:01 pm
dock trash goes fresh water
manda and i went fishing yesterday at casitas. after nearly six hours of fishing, losing the jig, a fake worm and manda's knife, we left without so much as a nibble. and then i found $5.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
1:57 pm
your fearless leader

no fishing today. school.
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